About Hell Fuckin‘ Yeah!

He was a damn good goal keeper but then he made a mistake. He started buying guitars. That was when everything changed. Björn H., lived through a true metamorphosis. His hair got longer, his mustasch and his sideburns too. From then on everybody called him Elvis.

Meanwhile Behrang his friend from former school times and singer of SAMAVAYO started thinking about his everlasting dream to play drums. That was when the idea of playing together was born back in 2008. Slowly but surely the master plan got a shape. He started damaging sticks, drum sets, cymbals and his own hands to be one of the loudest technique-less drummers in the world.

First they found Quickfinger V: Playing the SAMAVAYO bass Andreas‘ got the perfect skills and finger muscles to play his terrific HFY! riffs on an electric guitar.

Finally coming back from a mind-shaking experience in CHINA Hell-Rainer completed this evil tag team. With an ongoing nuclear explosion in his head Hell-Rainer – the former guitar guru from the legendary stoner band SONUVA – proves to be the perfect match for playing a tremendous bass guitar.

HFY! stand for HELL FUCKIN‘ YEAH! and is the simple expression of fun and joy staying on a stage playing heavy metal music!

Voc & Git – Elvis Gyllenfield
Git – Andreas „Quickfinger V.“ Voland
Bass – Hell-Rainer
Drums – Behrang „Zorn“ Alavi